Elisabet Zapatero Solana

Elisabet Zapatero Solana

PhD, Lab Manager


About Me

Before starting the PhD, I was working as a research assistant at Laser Zentrum Hannover (Germany). After that, I joined the Ephitelial Division at CIEMAT (Madrid) as a PhD student. During my PhD, I was focused on elucidating the molecular basis of a rare skin disease, Kindler Syndrome. Meanwhile I did a master in Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Biomedicine at Complutense University.

After obtaining my PhD, I moved to the Cell Division and Cancer group, at CNIO. Since then, I´ve been directly involved in different projects performed in collaboration with pharmaceutical companies (such as Pfizer, Lilly and Prosenestar) as well as leading the general laboratory management, coordinating the work of our technical team.

Since 2021, I am working at Lilly Spain.