Welcome to the Cell Division and Cancer research group

Welcome to the Cell Division and Cancer research group


JCI Insight: Deficient adaptation to centrosome duplication defects in neural progenitors causes microcephaly and subcortical heterotopias

Centrosomes are key organelles for Neural Progenitor homeostasis during development. Disruption of centrosome dynamics alters neurodevelopment in an array of genetically-engineered mice as seen in microcephaly patients

Congratulations to Filipa for completing her Doctoral thesis with us

Ana Filipa Batalha, PhD 

December, 2019

Congratulations to Maria Maroto for completing her Thesis with us

Maria Maroto, PhD 

December, 2019

CDK4/6 Inhibitors: What Is the Best Cocktail?

Clinical Cancer Research 2019

January, 2019

The Cell Division and Cancer Group

The Cell Division and Cancer Group is interested in deciphering the mechanisms by which cell division, cell proliferation and cell differentiation are regulated in mammalian cells.  As a final goal, we aim to generate knowledge and methodological approaches that may be useful for:

i) improving current anti-tumoral therapeutic strategies

ii) expanding the efficiency of pluripotent cells to differentiate into specific cellular lineages of interest in regenerative medicine.


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We are part of:

Spanish National Cancer Centre (CNIO)
Lung Cancer Network (iLUNG)
Cell Differentiation Network of Excellence (iDIFFER)
MitoSYS Network

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Cell Division and Cancer
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