A new strategy to prevent the most aggressive tumours from generating resistance to chemotherapy

CDK4/6 inhibitors are effective in certain types of cancer because they stop the multiplication of tumour cells, but they cannot be used together with chemotherapy since chemotherapy only acts against cancer cells that are actively multiplying We changed this approach...

International Day of Women and Girl in Science, 2020

International Day of Women and Girl in Science, 2020. This year, CaixaForum Madrid organised an event for the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, and our lab mate Maria was invited, representing the Innovative program of La Caixa Foundation...

A novel microRNA-based strategy to expand the differentiation potency of stem cells

We have discovered a yet-unknown and exciting application of a microRNA: transiently applied to Stem Cells (SCs; either pluripotent or adult SCs), this miRNA significantly improves their differentiation potential. Our data show that a brief exposure to the miRNA...

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February 2020

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February 2019

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February 2019

La científica que quiere levantar un ‘match point’ al cáncer de mama

October 2018

Investigadores del CNIO descubren el origen de la trombocitopenia causada por un oncogen

September 2018

¿Hasta dónde puede llegar la técnica de edición genética CRISPR?

August 2018

Discovery of a new tumor suppressor previously thought to be an oncogene

August 2018

Descubren que un gen promotor del cáncer puede ayudar a frenarlo

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