A novel microRNA-based strategy to expand the differentiation potency of stem cells

Nov 5, 2019 | New Publication, news

We have discovered a yet-unknown and exciting application of a microRNA: transiently applied to Stem Cells (SCs; either pluripotent or adult SCs), this miRNA significantly improves their differentiation potential. Our data show that a brief exposure to the miRNA results in expanded differentiation potency as well as improved efficiency of stem cells in stringent assays, such as tetraploid complementation and human-mouse interspecies chimerism. Mechanistically, these effects are mediated by direct repression of de novo DNA methyltransferases Dnmt3a/b, leading to transient and reversible erasing of DNA methylation.
Our new data support the use of this miRNA as a general and suitable method, transient and reversible, to reset the epigenetic memory in PSCs and thus improve their use in regenerative medicine.
Now you can read our full preprint manuscript on bioRxiv.