Our project on regenerative medicine approaches has been selected this year to participate in the prestigious Innovation Programs CaixaImpulse and IDEA2 Global .

Jul 19, 2019news

Caixa Impulse is the first comprehensive programme in Spain for the development of bio-health projects. Caixa Impulse helps bio-health project succeed by providing with high-value resources: i) Financial support to develop a valorisation plan that includes operations, commercialisation and business implementation; ii) Mentors to monitor and support the project.
Industry experts, consultants and entrepreneurs to help to define the best valorisation and commercialisation plans, whilst providing constant feedback for the project; iii) Contact with companies, entrepreneurs, and investors to validate plans and generate business opportunities.
CaixaImpulse offers the chance to meet key partners and associates to create opportunities for collaborations and business; iv) Training in key areas: project management, tech transfer, assessment, finance and commercialisation tools, negotiations.
CaixaImpulse training provides participants with the tools they need to improve valorisation and commercialisation plans. More information in https://caixaimpulse.com/en/home

MIT linQ, an international biomedical technology innovation consortium based in the Institute for Medical Engineering & Sciences (IMES) at MIT, introduced the 14 teams admitted to IDEA² Global 2019. The seven-month program provides intensive innovation method training, collaborative project development, team-specific mentoring, and expertise to help projects move from original medtech ideas toward real-world application.
Proposals to IDEA² Global were invited from anywhere in the world, and recruited in part through partnerships with several organizations dedicated to biomedical technology innovation. Project sponsors include the MIT Innovation Initiative, MIT Hacking Medicine, MassBio, MGH Medical Innovation Program, and Boston Landing.
The teams were selected competitively based on their potential for impact and readiness for additional support. Through group innovation training and individualized mentorship and advising, the teams refine their research and development strategy to heighten the opportunity to healthcare impact. More information in https://idea2.mitlinq.org/