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September 2015

How is energy generated during the cell cycle: mitotic arrest induced glycolysis in a APMK- and PFKFB3-dependent manner

Doménech et al. Nat. Cell Biol., 2015

Medical Xpress
Press release (CNIO)
January, 2015

Scientists discover a new blood platelet formation mechanism

Trakala et al. Dev Cell. 2015 (see Publication list)

Science Daily


November 26, 201

November 1, 201

La Vanguardia: Ranking of Biomedical Spanish Researchers

The Top Ten of the Biomedical research in Spain

Top cited papers and authors in the field of Biomedicine in Spain, 1997-2011

Characterization of the publications in the top 1% most cited in the world with contributions from authors resident in Spain, Biomedicine 1997-2011. A work by:

Raül Isaac Méndez-Vasquez, Eduard Suñén-Pinyol, Joan M.V. Pons-Ràfols, and Jordi Camí.  (http://bac.fundaciorecerca.cat/topcited)

News & Views from our group in EMBO J & Nature Cell Biology

A new centrosomal router for cancer genome instability
Link in Nat. Cell Biol.

Splicing and the Cell Cycle
Link to EMBO J

Cyclin C and Cdks in tumor suppression
Link in Nat. Cell Biol.

11, 2014
We have published a review on Aurora kinase A inhibitors:

Malumbres, M, Pérez de Castro I. (2014). Aurora kinase A inhibitors: promising agents in antitumoral therapy. Expert Opin Ther Targets. Sept 9:1-17.

 Expert Opin Ther Targets


We review preclinical studies and clinical trials of the main Aurora A inhibitors. We also discuss some possibilities that could be explored in future studies.

7, 2014

Our new publication on synthetic lethality:

Eguren, M, Alvarez-Fernandez, M, García, F, Lopez-Contreras, A, Fujimitsu, K, Yaguchi, H, Luque-Garcia, JL, Fernandez-Capetillo, O, Muñoz, J, Yamano, H, and Malumbres, M. (2013). A synthetic lethal interaction between APC/C and topoisomerase poisons uncovered by proteomic screens. Cell Reports. DOI:10.1016/j.celrep.2014.01.017

Cell Reports

Here, we propose a new form of effective tumour treatment: the combination of Cdh1 inhibitors (amongst which can be found a substance called proTAME) with etoposide.

4, 2013
Our new publication on Cdh1:

Eguren, M, Porlan, E., Manchado, E., García-Higuera, I., Cañamero, M., Fariñas, I. and Malumbres, M. (2013) The APC/C cofactor Cdh1 prevents replicative stress and p53-dependent cell death in neural progenitors. Nat. Commun. DOI:10.1038/ncomms3.

CNIO news  Nat Commun

Blocking the Cdh1 protein, previously proposed as a tumour suppressor, prevents cell growth and could be used therapeutically to treat cancer

22, 2013
FPI position: Check it out!!   

14, 2013
Our new work on Aurora-A has been published in Cancer Research:

Pérez de Castro I.,  Aguirre-Portolés C., Fernández-Miranda G., Cañamero M., Cowley D.O., Van Dyke T.,  Malumbres M. (2013) Requirements for Aurora-A in tissue regeneration and tumor development in adult mammals. Cancer Research. DOI: 10.1158/0008-5472.CAN-13-0586.


Cancer Reseach     CNIO news       ScienceNewsline    NewsMedical


Genetic depletion of Aurora-A in adult mice induces defects in cell proliferation, as well as an increase in the number of dead and senescent cells, which triggers premature ageing. The absence of the Aurora-A protein in mice reduced the progression of skin and breast tumours. Our study confirms the therapeutical potential of inhibiting Aurora-A in cancer treatment.

11, 2013

Congrats to Dr. Manuel Eguren on defending his thesis!

Another CDC member getting his PhD successfully. It was a pleasure to have him with us all these years. The future is sure to bring him great scientific and life long prosperous achievements!


October 9, 2013

Our new publication on Greatwall:

Álvarez-Fernández, M., Sánchez-Martínez, R., Sanz-Castillo, B., Gan, P.P., Sanz-Flores, M., Trakala, M., Ruiz-Torres, M., Lorca, T., Castro., A. and Malumbres, M. (2013) Greatwall is essential to prevent mitotic collapse after nuclear envelop breakdown in mammals. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA., in press.

PNAS   CNIO news    ScienceDaily   Drug Discovery & Development  Medical Express

Blocking Greatwall produces cell division collapse. We have opened up the possibility of this molecule becoming a new therapeutic target in cancer treatment.


October 3, 2013



Our new collaborations:

Frangini, A., Sjöberg, M., Román-Trufero, M., Dharmalingam, G., Haberle, V., Bartke, T., Lenhard, B.,  Malumbres, M., Vidal, M. and Dillon, N. (2013) The Aurora B kinase and the polycomb protein Ring1B combine to regulate active promoters in quiescent lymphocytes. Mol. Cell 51, 647-661.
Molecular Cell

A new role of Aurora B in the regulation of quiescence

Kollmann, K., Heller, G., Schneckenleithner, C., Warsch, W., Scheicher, R., Ott, R.G., Schäfer, M., Fajmann, S., Schlederer, M., Schiefer, A.-I., Reichart, U., Mayerhofer, M., Hoeller, C., Zöchbauer-Müller, S., Kerjaschki, D., Bock, C., Kenner, L., Hoefler, G., Freissmuth, M., Green, A.R., Moriggl, R., Busslinger, M., Malumbres, M. and Sexl, V. (2013) A kinase-independent function of CDK6 links the cell cycle to tumor angiogenesis. Cancer Cell 24, 167-181.
Cancer Cell

Kinase-independent roles of CDK6 in cell cycle and tumor angiogenesis.

Kim, J.A., Aberg, C., de Cárcer, G., Malumbres, M., Salvati, A. and Dawson, K.A. (2013) Low Dose of Amino-Modified Nanoparticles Induces Cell Cycle Arrest. ACS Nano 7, 7483–7494.
ACS Nano

Studying the effect of nanoparticles on cell cycle

December 12, 2011

Two new publications:

Guillamot, M., Manchado, E., Chiesa, M., Gómez-López, G., Pisano, D.G., Sacristán, M. and Malumbres, M. (2011) Cdc14b regulates mammalian RNA polymerase II and represses cell cycle transcription. (Nature) Sci. Reports 1, in press.
Nature Scientific Reports

A new role for Cdc14b phosphatase in the control of gene transcription during the cell cycle

Wan, L., Zou, W., Gao, D., Inuzuka, Fukushima, H., Berg, A.H., Drapp, R., Shaik, S., Hu, D., Lester, C., Eguren, M., Malumbres, M., Glimcher, L.H. and Wei, W. (2011) Cdh1 Regulates osteoblast function through an APC/C-independent modulation of Smurf1. Mol. Cell 44, 721-733.
Molecular Cell

A new APC/C-independent function of Cdh1 in osteoblasts


December 1st, 2011


New postdoctoral position: Check it out!!  


July 15th, 2011


de Cárcer, G., Manning, G. and Malumbres, M. (2011) From Plk1 to Plk5: functional evolution of Polo-like kinases. Cell Cycle 10, 2255-2262.
Pubmed PMID: 21654194     -     Cell Cycle

A new look to Polo-like kinases: new members and new cell cycle-independent functions.

See also: de Cárcer, G., Escobar, B., Higuero, A., García, L., Ansón, A., Pérez, G., Mollejo, M., Manning, G., Melendez, B., Abad-Rodriguez, J. and Malumbres, M. (2011) Plk5, a Polo-box domain-only protein with specific roles in neuron differentiation and glioblastoma suppression. Mol. Cell. Biol. 31, 1225-1239. [PMID: 21245385]


July 14th, 2011


We have a new group page at Facebook

Malumbres, M. (2011) Physiological relevance of cell cycle kinases. Physiol. Rev. 91, 973-1007.

Pubmed PMID: 21742793     -     Physiological Reviews


The bible of the relevance of cell cycle kinases in vivo.


July 1st, 2011
Fernández-Miranda, G., Trakala, M., Martín, J., Escobar, B., González, A., Ghyselinck, N.B., Ortega, S., Cañamero, M., Pérez de Castro, I. and Malumbres, M. (2011) Genetic disruption of Aurora B uncovers an essential role for Aurora C during early mammalian development. Development 138, 2661-2672.
Pubmed MID: 21613325  -  Development

Aurora B-knock out mice: relevance in cell division and the mitotic checkpoint, and new functions for Aurora C


June 14th, 2011


Malumbres, M. (2011) Oncogene-induced mitotic stress: p53 and pRb get Mad too. Cancer Cell 19, 691-692.

Pubmed PMID: 21665141    -   Cancer Cell

News in "Diario Médico" (in spanish).


A new concept linking oncogenesis and deregulation of mitosis: Oncogene-induced mitotic stress. See original manuscript by R. Benezra's lab.


June 9th, 2011
Bueno, M.J., Gómez de Cedrón, M., Gómez-López, G., Pérez de Castro, I., di Lisio, L., Montes, S., Martínez, N., Guerrero, M., Sánchez, R., Santos, J., Pisano, D.G., Piris, M.A., Fernández-Piqueras, J. and Malumbres, M. 2011) Combinatorial effects of microRNAs to suppress the Myc oncogenic pathway. Blood 117, 6255-6266.

Pubmed PMID: 21478429    -   Blood

A new view to the control of oncogenes by microRNAs. Multiple microRNAs cooperate to maintain low levels of critical oncogenes such as Myc and many of these microRNAs need to be silenced in cancer cells


February 18th, 2011


Manchado, E. and Malumbres, M. (2011) Targeting aneuploidy for cancer therapy. Cell 144, 465-466.
Pubmed PMID: 21335229    -   Cell
News in "Diario Médico" (in spanish).

Can aneuploidy be used to kill cancer cells?



December 2010



Manchado, E., Guillamot, M., de Cárcer, G., Eguren, M., Trickey, M., García-Higuera, I., Moreno, S., Yamano, H., Cañamero, M. and Malumbres, M. (2010) Targeting mitotic exit leads to tumor regression in vivo: modulation by Cdk1, Mastl, and the PP2A/B55a,d phosphatase. Cancer Cell 18, 641-654.

Pubmed PMID 21156286     -     Cancer Cell


Ablation of Cdc20 results in efficient regression of aggressive tumors, whereas current mitotic drugs display limited effects. Yet, Cdc20 null cells can exit from mitosis upon inactivation of Cdk1 and the kinase Mastl (Greatwall). This mitotic exit depends on the activity of PP2A phosphatase complexes containing B55α or B55δ regulatory subunits. These data illustrate the relevance of critical players of mitotic exit in mammals and their implications in the balance between cell death and mitotic exit in tumor cells

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